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Use Bifrost

A hardware based remote solution
For all types of devices
No software required
Just Plug & Play

Why Bifrost?

Bifrost works independently of connection and operating system failures

Access Bifrost securely and easily through a browser

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How it works

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Bifrost intro video

Connect to all types of devices, easily and securely with Bifrost

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Mobile devices
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Network equipment
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Industrial control systems
Watch the Bifrost intro video


Built-in internet connection
Bifrost uses a built-in 4G connection whenever on-site LAN or WiFi is inaccessible
High security
Bifrost connects to our secure Cloud, while also being non-intrusive when connected to the equipment
Portable and battery powered
Use Bifrost for hours on-the-go without needing an external power supply
Connect to all types of devices
PC's, servers, mobile phones, tablets, network equipment and so forth

How Bifrost differentiates from existing solutions

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Choose the plan that works best for you

All available features, but with limited usage included. Start here if you are new to Bifrost.
Like Essential but with even more usage included. Ability to pool hours between devices.
For the heavy user. With enough usage included to be used every day in all situations.
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Version All-in-one All-in-one All-in-one Core
Upfront none none none none
Usage included in package 1-hour usage 5-hour usage Unlimited usage
(limited to 10 hour usage on 4G)
(terminal usage)
4G included
Device Management
Features and updates
Free support
Free replacement plan
Connect to all devices
Shared usage hours
10 hour 4G included
Unlimited LAN/WiFi usage
Terms 12 months subscription 12 months subscription 12 months subscription 12 months subscription
Payment Pre-paid 6 months Pre-paid 6 months Pre-paid 2 months Pre-paid 6 months
Unlimited use but limited to IoT and network devices connecting through a terminal session.

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